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Pan American Packaging Corp. has always placed research at the heart of its business, focusing on finding innovative solutions to create cutting edge products and offering high-level services to its customers.

The Special Films Division of PAN AMERICAN PACKAGING has also recently
created eight new products – certified by European accredited laboratories – with innovative and very special characteristics that make them suitable for specific uses in various sectors.

  • Eagle Force Stretch: reinforced film with exceptional resistance .
  • Eagle Air Stretch: macroperforated film with exceptional transpiration capabilities.
  • Green Leaf Stretch: stretch film with timed degradation, and therefore eco-sustainable.
  • Steril Stretch: anti-microbial stretch film.
  • Fire Shield Stretch:  flame retardant film.
  • Antirust Stretch: preserves goods packages from the formation of rust.
  • Fresh Fruit Stretch: controls and slows down the wasting and aging process of fruit and vegetables
  • Insect Buster Stretch: preserves food products from insects and mites