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Pan American Packaging Corporation

takes part of an international group active in Europe since 2011 and in Italy since 2016.


Pan American Packaging Corp. commitment is focused on client’s needs, providing a high quality and technically advanced stretch film, with competitive prices and delivered punctually and throght a reliable service, thanks to our dedication and experience.
Our films are the result of a continuous R&D effort, which allows us to offer several products in a whole range of formats, weight, height and thickness – from the standard (150% elongation) to the high-performance technicals ones (elongation up to 370%), always taking care of the environment.
Our expertise has generated 8 new highly innovative films, certified by the most accreditated European laboratories, aimed at specific uses in several sectors and collected in the “Special Films” section

Pan American’s goal is helping clients to optimize costs in terms of reduction for the amount of plastic used and consequently a decrease in its related taxations (Conai, Plastic Tax)


Our values


We produce high quality products delivered through an exceptional service that granted us our customers’ loyalty and trust.
This is because we strive to improve ourselves every day, putting all our efforts into the search for production and technological innovations, allowing us to provide our customers with products with the highest standards of efficiency and quality.
What does quality mean in Pan American:
• Focus on finding solutions and achieving results
• Deliver with adequate cost, speed and quality
• Collaborate for improvement solutions

Our values


We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards: doing what is right for our partners and our customers must be one of our goal.
By doing so, we demonstrate our integrity of action, at every level, every day.
This depends on the collective effort and intelligence of each partner (employee, customer, supplier). Whatever the strength of the individual, we will do more together.

What integrity means in pan american:
• Act ethically and in compliance with all laws, regulations and good business practices
• Show respect for all individuals and value their background, their approaches and respecting their ideas.

Our values


In Pan American it means setting the goal of meeting and exceeding customer expectations by continuously providing them with innovative and competitive packaging solutions.
We believe that innovation is one of the highest values a manufacturer can offer and we are always looking for new creative ideas to make life easier for our customers. This translates into our constant investment in research and development, equipment and infrastructure.
This is possible by making realistic commitments and keeping promises, because our word is our bond with the customer.
Our commitment to the search for innovative creative solutions defines our production standard, which stands out for its performance, quality, values and consistency.